Visit Shetland - How long to stay?

Visit Shetland - How long to stay?

Shetland is the most Northerly point of the UK for a motorhome trip. The scenery, the history and the coastline makes for the most exciting adventures.

Are you asking yourself 'How Long' should we come for?' 
Our answer would be 'Once you get here, you wont want to leave!'. Even though this is true, we hope the below will help you:

How long should I visit Shetland for?

With just a few days you can make incredible memories and moments, every corner you turn in Shetland, there is somewhere new to explore. Of course, if you have two weeks or longer, you and out motorhome can see a lot more of Shetlands archipelago of 100 islands and islets.

How long does it take to drive around Shetland?

As a guide, Sumburgh (Most Southerly point of Shetland where the airport is) to Unst (the most Northerly point of shetland with 2 ferry crossings to make it there) takes about 2.5 hours.

Shetland has a land area of 567 square miles enclosed by a coastline of 900 miles, you are never more than three miles from the sea, and it’s almost impossible to be somewhere with no view of the sea.

Visit Shetland. #ExploreShetland
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