Paddleboard in Shetland

Paddleboard in Shetland

When people think of going to an island to enjoy SUP’s, there is instantly this idea of an escape to somewhere hot with palm trees, turquoise waters and ample amounts of rum.

Well, we are going to change your minds on this one (or at least try!). How about coming to Shetland and enjoy SUP’s? We have our fair share of good weather, especially in the summer months. No palm trees but our coastlines dazzle with a truly unique display of flora. We not only showcase turquoise waters but we also have magnificent sea wildlife. And, as for rum… Shetlanders know how to party – that one everyone knows!

Why SUP in Shetland?

Shetland was awarded a Lonely Planet Best in Europe 2019 as one of Europe's top destinations and named number 2 best island in Scotland in a Which? Survey. Not only that but 5 of our beaches have been awarded in Scotland's beach awards for being Clean, well maintained and sustainable. Now picture pitching up our motorhome on one of these beaches and being able to take out a paddle board when the sky is blue and the sea is calm. There truly is nowhere like Shetland on a good day.

Our Paddleboards

Paddleboard Hire Shetland Motorhome

We have two Bluefin SUP’s that are perfect for fun on the sea. They are beginner friendly and perfect for casual paddling. They are great for taking kids along (or your pet!) as our boards are equipped with safety handles. These boards include a kayak conversion kit which brings versatility to your adventures. Making memories is what our hires are all about and these certainly will do that!



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