Explore Shetland with Motorhome and Bike

Explore Shetland with Motorhome and Bike

Our motorhome provides a perfect base when you combine a passion for exploring and cycling.

Two of our good friends recently took our motorhome for a weekend exploring and loaded up the bike rack with their bikes. Read the full review on their Explore Shetland experience by checking out their blog.

With the use of the motorhome they were able to go to places they had never been before with comfort they didn’t expect. They could explore and enjoy all that Shetland has to offer and then return to a warm shower and cosy cabin with food cooked up in any style they wanted, with a large gas oven and three ring cooker hob. Our comfortable and relaxing lounge area meant they could relax after a day of cycling up and down Shetlands rugged coastlines.

We encourage and specialise in exploring the wilderness of Shetland, as the more ‘wild camping’ you do, the more you will gain and appreciate what is on our doorstep. Our friends did just this, and they loved it. Taking the motorhome down to the end of a quiet road (that they had no idea what was at the end of it), in the dark, meant their morning view was going to be a surprise. It was only in the morning, as the sun rose they realised how lucky they were with their perfect pitched up spot. Shetland is Perfect everywhere you go. You do not need to rely on campsites, although we do have a list of available campsites places to go with hook ups and waste disposal areas.

Why a motorhome is an ideal mode of transport and accommodation when exploring with bikes

Although Shetland is known for how laid back and safe it is, there is always the added comfort in knowing that equipment, kits and accessories can be stored in our lockable garage. Bikes can be stored safely on the bike racks, so there is no need to worry about your belongings when you are sleeping or not about.

With a heater located in the shower space of the toilet, it means that you have a perfect area to hang up those soggy shoes and shorts – it is Shetland after all.

The motorhome has 4 set up beds which are comfortable for sleeping in but they also can be a comfortable base for you to enjoy and relax in. There is a dining area that seats 6 people and the kitchen is equipped for all your food preparation and meal planning needs for long adventures exploring Shetland. Our motorhome comes with an awning which creates the perfect outdoor area for BBQs and summer night sunset viewing.

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